The 10 best breakfast spots in Paris - 16 September 2014

You want bacon and you want it now. Look no further than the bacon breakfast sandwich at Frenchie To Go. It’s served on an English muffin and you can certainly add an egg or cheddar. Still not enough for you? Get a house-made sticky bun. Then top it all off with a maple syrup and bacon scone.
What you're getting: Um, bacon breakfast sandwich

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Frenchie - 16 September 2014

Frenchie, c’est ce petit parigot dont tout le monde parle, trop mignon, trop cool, trop intelligent… Celui qui fait fantasmer les copines et après lequel tout le monde court. Quatre semaines de marinade obligatoire avant d’obtenir une table. Fermé le midi et le week-end. Heureusement, la patience paie et, ce soir, c’est votre grand soir !

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Recharging our batteries at Frenchie to go - 15 September 2014

Question: 2 gals in Paris on a Saturday. What do they do? Walk. They just walk. A lot. It goes without saying that, at some point, like, around 3 p.m., we were starting to run dry. We were in desperate need of a stool to sit on and a dose of carbs (yeah, we just love carbs). That's when 'Frenchie to go' came in, exactly like a saviour.

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Restaurant Frenchie - 14 September 2014

When Chef-Owner Gregory Marchand came out of nowhere five years ago and opened this cute little neighborhood bistro on an alley in the garment district – he surprised everyone with its urban location and affordable high quality food. When the buzz started, I remember thinking, “Who in their right mind would go to Les Halles to eat in a (then) seedy alley?” – and what he was charging for an entire meal of that quality used to be what Parisians paid for one starter. Little did he know he would redefine how we eat in Paris. Today, crossing town to eat in an alley is completely cool, especially when the restaurant is Frenchie.

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Les adresses préférées d'Alain Ducasse à Paris - 10 September 2014

S'il fallait trouver un fil conducteur à ses coups de cœur, ce serait la passion, la créativité et l'enthousiasme de ces artisans qui font bouger les lignes. Pas d'adresses formatées mais de belles et bonnes surprises dans tous les quartiers.

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