Frenchie to Go - 08 June 2013

IFrenchie has been playing hard to get with me for a quite some time now. I have become that desperate girl who leaves 17 missed calls a day, trying to secure a table. I may have even drunk dialled the restaurant once. And from my 200 odd calls over the past 12 months, I managed to secure one speedy, albeit incredibly delicious, très anglais 7pm dinner for two.

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Le meilleur take-away de Paris - 07 June 2013

Une réservation pour 4, vendredi prochain au Frenchie ? Impossible. Les initiés le savent : c'est sans doute le resto parisien où il est le plus difficile de choper une table.

Voici de quoi vous consoler : le Frenchie version à emporter. Un take-away inspiré des delis new-yorkais où, dès l’aube, on commande un café brûlant et un sandwich au pastrami bien épais. En cuisine ? Le chef Grégory Marchand lui-même. L'intérêt, c'est qu'ici, tout passe entre ses mains : le pastrami, préparé et fumé par ses soins, les french fries et le ketchup, fabriqués sur place, et même la Ginger Beer, qui macère dans les jarres exposées en vitrine.

Pas besoin de réserver de table ici, mais il faudra se lever tôt pour y avoir un tabouret.

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Frenchie to go – GoGo Paris - 05 June 2013

Paris chef Gregory Marchand continues to put the Sentier’s Rue du Nil on the map. After his always booked out contemporary market driven affair Frenchie arrived in 2009, followed by the wine bar with the no booking policy in 2011, yesterday the take out satellite Frenchie To Go opened.

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Frenchie to Go, la street food à la française - 03 June 2013

Oyé, Oyé ! Evènement international à connaître et surtout à tester.

Le Frenchie, fameux restaurant de Grégory Marchant, accompagné de sa cave à vins juste en face, nous fait le plaisir d’ouvrir, à partir du 4 juin, Frenchie to Go. Comme le nom l’indique, c’est du "take away". Une sandwicherie où le pastrami est à l’honneur. Et quel pastrami, maman, que c’est bon.

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Frenchie To Go, Terroirs d’Avenir and L’Arbre à Café - 11 May 2013

I don’t gush all that often, but one of the people in Paris that I really admire is Gregory Marchand. He’d probably be a little irked that I said that (or maybe not), but he’s one of the few chefs in Paris that’s been successful at creating what have become some of the best places to eat in the Paris. His restaurant Frenchie is always complet, and I went to Frenchie wine bar the other night, getting there just before opening time, and there was already a line of folks waiting outside for it to open so they could snag a table. And the food, from cornmeal-crusted “nuggets” of sweetbreads to the pulled pork sandwich, was as good – if not better – than dishes I’ve had in multi-starred restaurants. A friend who I worked with in San Francisco was there as well, and he kept giving me the thumbs-up from across the room.

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